OUThe University of Oklahoma Men’s Rugby story begins in 1974 with two law students and an English professor. Tim Wilson, who discovered rugby after serving as a Marine in Viet Nam and Jon Woods, who played rugby as an undergraduate at Dartmouth, quickly grew tired of flag football with their fellow law students and decided it was time to promote a more demanding style of competition.

The first OU Rugby Football Club game was played at the Girdlestone Tournament in Fort Sill, and ever since then the club has grown in size and popularity. After the first home game against the Albuquerque Aardvarks, students were anxious to become a part of the up-and-coming program. Far from being exclusionary, the team has always prided itself on including student athletes from all walks of life.

A base expectation is that these student-athletes are “All In” as athletes, students, and community members. As testament to the effectiveness of this balanced yet challenging program, Oklahoma Rugby has produced many All-Americans and National Team players. Most recently, Taylor Mokate was named All-American in a 2010 tour to England and was named to the US Eagle 15’s squad.

OU has also had a tradition of excellent coaching. The sixth and current Head Coach A. Jason Horowitz has been coaching successful rugby teams for fifteen years and continues to drive this program forward.

The University of Oklahoma Offices of Development, Admissions, and Athletics have also played an integral role in supporting the team. OU was selected to become a part of the Inaugural Collegiate Premier League in 2011, is a current member of the D1A Allied Rugby Conference; and in the Spring of 2014 will be competing in the 12 team Varsity Cup. They will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the team’s founding in March of 2014.

Head Coach: Jason Horowitz
Coach: Michael Black (former OU player for 6 years)
Director of Operations: John Velie

Players to Watch: Junior center Michael Al-Jiboori, Senior prop Patrick Jones, Sophomore center Jake Turner, Junior lock Matt Long, Freshmen #8 Facundo Gatica

Fall 2013 7’s: 13-3 (Varsity)
Fall 2013 15’s: 3-1 (Varsity and JV)

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